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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Geek House Guide: Vol 1, Ish 1

With each podcast we are going to be posting a visual companion, videos, and links to things we talked about in each issue. So if you listened to the show and found us tedious, pedantic, and insipid then this is where you can find much more exciting and entertaining stuff that we like. Starting from the very first issue of the very first volume WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY back in March 2016, this is the Geek House Guide:

Brian and Casey met in 1996, the year Nintendo 64 debuted, Fresh Prince ended as Independence Day reigned, Hulk Hogan turned evil while Kurt Angle won the Olympic gold medal with a broken friggin' neck, and we stepped into science fiction when Dolly the sheep was cloned:

Our first comics:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles audio:

Daredevil (Vol 1) #297 by DG Chichester and Lee Weeks.
DD in PP.
Heathcliff #3
Incredible Hulk (Vol 2?) #312 by the great Bill Mantlo and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.
Interior from IH #312 with Hulk avatar hovering over poor little Bruce.
DC's Super Powers cartoon, wee Brian's first exposure to Superman:

And Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, what kept little Casey warm and snuggly:

Wrasslin' Firsts:

In lieu of the actual cage match Brian vaguely remembers watching, here is Ric Flair after winning a cage match, bleeding as usual:

And for Casey, the Mega-Powers Explode!

Our first movies (in theaters):

Brian saw, and still loves, Little Mermaid. (so does Casey)
Casey fell asleep during this momentous Muppet marriage in Muppets Take Manhattan.

Our first movies (on video tape):

These VHS were so heavy they could knock out a third grader with ease. 

First Concerts:

Brian went to see Amy Grant for his first concert, and Michael W. Smith's Go West Young Man was his first album so here's both of them in concert together:

Casey' first concert was unknown until the weekend before this podcast was recorded. Turns out it was Keith Whitley at the Jackson, MS rodeo. Here is Whitley's last appearance on Nashville Now:

First albums: 

The hair covered in this podcast is glorious.

Bonus stuffs:

My brother's hilarious website, Farce the Music. Go to it NOW!

Sears Wishbook pages: 

Hulk Hogan, TMNT, and Spider-Man sweaters. What the cool geek was getting beaten up wearing in '91.

Ok, there is a Rocketeer sweatshirt on this page. The Rockawho?

And finally, the Ninja Turtle stuff animals Brian, our friend from Grenada, and I got at the same premiere in the same theater for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in 1990) before we ever even knew each other. These are Brian's. He still has two(!) whereas Casey has sadly lost the one he got. 

And though it was birthed in 1997, Surge became the glue that held the Brian and Casey juggernaut together for decades to come:

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