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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Geek House Guide: Vol 2, Ish 3

SPOILER WARNING: Nobody dies at the end of this podcast.

Issue 3 is brought to you (unofficially) by SURGE!

How we feel after drinking a can of the sweet stuff.

I give up on predicting what's happening with TNA getting sold or not sold. Go here if you want to spend a coupla hours looking at the insanity behind a wrasslin promotion.

Couldn't find the whole match for Ric Flair vs Mick Foley Last Man Standing match in TNA, but here's some highlights set to strangely appropriate music. This was not Flair's last match, but it was ostensibly Foley's (he competed in a Royal Rumble after this):

Joker Sting!

Magneto Sandow!

Lest you think we're too geeky, sports stuff! LSU head coach fired after 12 seasons with the team.

Brian recommends Lethal Weapon, the TV series:

SPOILER WARNING: We're about to talk about spoilers.

Brian RUINED this for Casey, the identity of Iron Man's real daddy. 4 years, Brian! 4 years!
Tony's mom after his dad spoiled that episode of ER where Carter is stabbed.
Spoilers links and history:
A scholarly approach
In defense of spoilers
The origins of spoilers
The history of the 'spoiler alert'
Even more history
Wiki spoiler article with more spoilery goodness

Young Casey got to read the magnificent ending to Marvel's Thunderbolts #1 way back in 1997 without it being spoiled for him. Brian didn't have internet at the time to do so:

A breakdown of the Sixth Sense ending.

"...um, like you." You'd think he just woulda told him.
Dumbledore dies; people spoil it; people nearly riot; go online to complain.

Movie trailers that totally spoiled it for everybody:
Mental Floss Top 12
Movie Pilot Top 20
Some more on Screen Rant

A history of movie trailers.

The Lego set that spoiled Civil War's BIG reveal.
The Batman vs Superman toy that sadly didn't spoil how bad the movie sucked.
The weird ending to Roseanne that made the show seem more a tragedy than a comedy.

And the weird ending to Dexter that did the opposite:
"He's a lumberjack and he's far from ok"
Mankind putting butts in seats after winning the WWF world title, despite WCW spoiling it on their show just minutes before:

Marvel complaining about their comics being spoiled
More Marvel complaints about spoilers
Marvel spoils their own comic

Bonus: Things Owen Wilson Says

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