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Monday, October 24, 2016

Geek House Guide: Vol 2, Ish 5

One of the most anticipated episodes of any show ever finally delivered the answer to the question of "Who did Negan kill?"

Which one? Wait. Both?!? You sons of........!!!
Yes, The Walking Dead managed to both get everybody's guess right (Abraham) and then completely pull the emotional rug out from under us with the original comic death of beloved Glenn.

I hope this was the aftermath of the wrap party
With sad hearts, let's get to the guide!


Brian recommends The Ranch on Netflix. Here's the opening song:

Robert Kirkman - comic nerd makes good, then great. Kirkman had to lie about the concept of Walking Dead to even get Image Comics to publish it because they didn't want to publish "just another zombie story." He said it involved aliens. But they never showed up. Now Kirkman is a partner at Image comics.

Got the squinty, beady, angry little eyes just right.
Never hooked up with a villain in the comics = still alive. At least they're keeping with horror traditions.
One loved his undead daughter; one loved his undead daughter in a Game of Thrones sort of way. Ew.
And here the Governor is commanding Cobra troops to invade the prison.
The genius of NBC wanting to turn Walking Dead into Law & Order: Zombie Squad. 

Brief thematically relevant recommendation: 

The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Even darker than Walking Dead, but no zombies. Cannibals, but no zombies.

At least there are some fun times ahead on the Walking Dead. King Ezekiel and Shiva:

Back to gore and darkness; Noah's death:

And poor Denise's death:

Which she totally stole from Abraham.
Never ran off like a dummy in the comics = still alive.
If you want to see how Lori dies in the comics, click here. Probably the most shocking sequence in a comic full of them.

Speaking of shocking, read about scenes in the comic that either will not or HOPEFULLY will not make it to the show. I blocked out so much that the Governor did.

Judith, LAK. I'd be down with this:
At least she'd be a character and not a plot obstacle then.
Friggin' nailed that casting.
Nailed that one, too. Such a meany.
Speaking of barbed wire bats, wonder where they stole that idea from?
Lucille, meet Barbie.
So back to the end of last season's episode. The cliffhanger that brings us back to the top:

Which was soooooooo much better than:
"Can you see it, Jack? That's our audience dwindling each time we leave a plotline dangling."
And to end this dark, depressing post on some high notes:

Walking Dead as a 90s show:

And to end it, "Carl Poppa":

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