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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Geek House Guide: Vol 2, Ish 6

Hey boys and girls! This week's issue of the Geek House Podcast was about scary movies! So this issue's guide will probably be trailer-heavy. Beware the spooly YouTube embeddings...

But first, Recommendations!

The Girl With All the Gifts:

Ready to be creeped out?
Real life zombie ants
Real life zombie mice
Glenn Close in Hook:

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (full movie is on YouTube, too, if you are so inclined):

And now, scary movies!

One of Brian's favorites I had to remind him of, The Others:

The scariest scene in The Descent:

Jaws "bigger boat" scene:

Jaws writer Peter Binchley became a shark conservationist due to the slaughtering of sharks after Jaws came out in theaters.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

The Blair Witch Project original trailers:

Some trivia on how Blair Witch was filmed
An article on the viral marketing the movie pioneered
(Mostly) the original website

Alien trailer ("In space no one can hear you scream"):

The frozen face kill from Jason X:

Event Horizon:

The Birds:

The study on crows being able to recognize human faces
A parliament of rooks explanation
An actual parliament taking place (watch at your own creepy feelings risk):

The Thing:

Not to be confused with Ben Grimm:

Let the Right One In:

Shaun of the Dead:

Dead Alive:

The Frighteners:

Stir of Echoes:

What Lies Beneath:

30 Days of Night:

And in the end, The Blair Witch Project Honest Trailer:

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