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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Geek House Guide: Vol 2, Ish 7

Ok, first off, let's see some cute little baby animals acting all adorable and what not:

You may need that before you step into today's Geek House Podcast and Guide. Let's do this: REAL LIFE SCARY HALLOWEEN STORIES!!!


None really, other than The Walking Dead!

"I said 'Trick or Treat,' Rick. Now are you going to give me my Reese's Pieces or do I have to get mean?"
Cracked article on shows that had an appropriate ending but kept going anyway.

Scary story time!

Casey was wrong about some of the details, but Audie Murphy is the World War II US soldier so amazing he asked producers to tone down his story in the movie of his life because of how unbelievable it sounded. He even played himself 'cause no one in Hollywood was BA enough to do it.

Poltergeist predicting the 1988 Super Bowl (it was released in 1982!):
And how it foreshadowed the death of one of the main stars, Heather O'Rourke.
The Power Rangers curse.
And how one Power Ranger murdered his roommate with a sword because the roommate's girlfriend was spending way too much time at their crib. 

And the Little Rascals curse. Note two of the kids that managed to live past the age of 70 died of a hit-and-run and a stabbin'. Even the friggin' dog, Petey, died of poisoning!

Major Henry Rathbone and the tragic events of his life after a tragic event in his life when he wasn't able to save President Abraham Lincoln.

Rathbone before he got a'stabbed (and also, y'know, Honest Abe getting shot)
Edgar Allan Poe's story, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, and the amazing coincidences between it and the real life stranding of a ship crew years after the story was published.

You can read the original Poe story here.

Not to be confused with
Also named Richard Parker, also stranded, but this time he's the eater.
Note: Spider-Man's mom, not named Martha.
Also, the book Futility predicts Titanic tragedy with eerie detail.

Also, breaking news, RL Stine of the famous Goosebumps books (and less famous but so awesome Fear Street books) is apparently writing some comics soon for Marvel!!!

"Here's the story...of a lovely lady..."
The truth or fiction behind the Bloody Benders' connection to the Little House On the Prairie.

The severed feet washing up in British Columbia:

Henry Weston Smith, the preacher from (and on the show) Deadwood, who was killed mysteriously but not robbed. 

How did he preach without the bottom part of his face? An even stranger mystery.
The mystery of Elisa Lam, whose body was found in a water tank above a hotel and video footage was later found of her trying to escape something or someone and behaving bizarrely. 

Here's a story on her with video from the hotel:

Video of the Zodiac killer calling into a news broadcast:

She was actually banned from owning slaves at one point. She was too evil for slavery.
Dr. Marcel Petiot, 'humanitarian' killer during World War II who promised hope then dissolved it in pits of quicklime.

Seen here while his head was still attached.
Amelia Dyer, putting her contemporary Jack the Ripper to shame with his paltry 5 murders.

I mean, her name was 'Dyer' after all. She just took it to its logical extreme. 400 times over.
President George H. W. Bush almost was part of a group of 8 US airmen who were taken to an island called Chichi Jima where they were eaten by Japanese soldiers in World War II.

Years later he would vomit on the Japanese prime minister over bad sushi. Revenge is a dish best served cold:

Investigators at the hill where the bodies were found.
Ok, now that I'm thoroughly depressed after researching all that stuff, I'll cap it off with a video about why you should be happy to be you courtesy of Buzzfeed. Now go cuddle with a fluffy duckling or eat some rainbow spaghetti or something:

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