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Friday, July 21, 2017

Dr. Doom deserves better

Noah Hawley, showrunner for FX's excellent X-Men show Legion, let it be known at the currently happening San Diego Comic-Con that he was working on a Doctor Doom movie for Fox.

Now, Hawley is doing some great work and I would be totally on board with this, HOWEVER...

Fox has the rights to the greatest comic book villain ever created. So great was/is Doom that one of the greatest movie villains ever created was very much inspired by Doom.

'Bout to be a party on the Death Star and/or Castle Doom.
And what hath Fox wrought with their licensing power? This:

And this:

So forgive my lack of faith in Fox, despite Deadpool, Logan, Legion and the promises of The Gifted and New Mutants, but fool me twice...

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