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The Geek House Draft

The Geek House Draft Challenge #1

The Four Horsemen

The Challenge: Cast the modern day Four Horsemen to ride rampant and majestically on the WWE.

The Rules: 1) No former Horsemen
                    2) A wrestler from any promotion in the world is eligible
                    3) Only active, full time, and current wrestlers are eligible
                         (meaning no part-timers like Lesnar or even Cena, no retirees like Bryan, no potentially capable wrestlers                                 like Punk) 
                    4) Ric Flair is the manager

Brian's Horsemen: (clockwise from top left) Jack Swagger, Cesaro, Neville, and Chris Jericho
Casey's Horsemen: (clockwise from top left) Michael Elgin, ECIII, The Revival - Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson

The Geek House Draft Challenge #3

5 Desired X-Men Titles

The Challenge: You are the X-Men line editor at Marvel tasked with rebooting/relaunching/rehashing/redoing/rereing the X-Men and related ongoing titles. Come up with 5 and their basic concept.

The Rules: At least two of the titles have to be team or ensemble books.

Brian's Titles:
Back to basics approach featuring brighter, funnier stories. Original cast.
Featuring the original five X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, and Angel
Set in the future mostly, able to watch time get changed. Cable and Bishop featured as member, foils, allies, whatever.
Storm and Wolverine:
Storm and Wolverine run the mutant school together and split their time searching the world for new mutants to teach.
X-Men - Villains:
A title covering the fertile ground of the X-Men's rogues gallery.
Casey's Titles:

Uncanny X-Men:
Flagship title featuring a rotating cast. The most super-hero-y of the bunch.
The young outlaws of the X-Men world. Castoffs from all the best 'young X-Men' books unite.
Academy X:
Similar to Brian's Storm and Wolverine title, this is purely about the students going to school to learn how to control their
mutant powers. All high school drama, no villainy and super-hero stuff.

Quentin Quire:
The ultimate rebel: Quentin Quire. Helping or harming the mutant cause in equal order.
The Beast:
Starring what should be the lovable and wonderful Hank McCoy. Not the weak, traitorous, hypocritical character Marvel has running around being a complete loser these days.

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